The New Look Apprenticeships

The New Look Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have been around for a very long time indeed. The roots can be followed back in time to the Middle Ages, where children of upper class families were sent for training into one of the medieval craft guilds.

The apprentice and master were contracted together by indenture for a period of time during which the master was responsible for the apprentice’s employ and moral welfare, which was guide-lined by the Statute Continue reading The New Look Apprenticeships

Britains Housing Shortage

Housing Shortage In Britain Goes On

The current housing shortage is not something that has suddenly arrived, the country has had a housing deficit for years.

Following the First World War, the government announced it wanted “homes fit for heroes” for the returning troops and their families. There was a shortage of housing anyway, caused by material and labour shortages during the war years, and the government began Continue reading Britains Housing Shortage

How To Keep Safe Shopping Online

Online Shopping and Keeping Safe

In the spring of this year, retail internet sales recorded that 20% of sales, that is, of everything that comes under the “retail” banner, 20% was sold over the internet. That makes shopping online a massive proportion of total sales.

This is a huge milestone and one unlikely to go anywhere other than an even higher proportion of sales coming online.

The figures are not greatly surprising in themselves, almost everyone who has regular access to a computer of some sort is likely to have Continue reading How To Keep Safe Shopping Online

Professional Drivers & Motoring Offences

Professional Drivers Depend On Their Licence

If you are an HGV, PSV, Taxi or Private Hire driver, your driving licence is one of your most valuable assets. Professional drivers automatically lose their jobs if they can’t drive, making it more important than ever to keep their licence and to keep it clean.

It is so easy to inadvertently pick up points for minor infractions, especially on roads you are less familiar with (as is often the case with professional drivers), that being able to defend your Continue reading Professional Drivers & Motoring Offences

You Can Beat Google SERPs

You Can Beat Google SERPs

The only totally sure way to rank first in Google is to present the high level of quality content that they want to see, which needs to be, valued and trusted text & imagery.

Once you appreciate just what it is that Google desires from a top ranking website you can rank your website well in search page results and receive the large volumes of organic traffic that you are seeking.

If you continue to use obsolete search engine marketing practices you will go down in the ranks. You can rank well by Continue reading You Can Beat Google SERPs