Professional Drivers & Motoring Offences

Professional Drivers Depend On Their Licence

If you are an HGV, PSV, Taxi or Private Hire driver, your driving licence is one of your most valuable assets. Professional drivers automatically lose their jobs if they can’t drive, making it more important than ever to keep their licence and to keep it clean.

It is so easy to inadvertently pick up points for minor infractions, especially on roads you are less familiar with (as is often the case with professional drivers), that being able to defend your licence in court if required is an essential, not a luxury.

With many companies insisting on drivers having clean driving licences to get a job in the first instance, points need to be avoided at all costs.

The UK’s leading motoring solicitors can help you to avoid points, minimise penalties and limit the damage and potential loss of income you may face.

It is so easy to be snapped by a roadside camera when you are only a few miles an hour over the limit, but the impact can be huge.

If you are facing prosecution and potentially losing your job, talk to specialists who know UK driving law inside out and back to front. They can help you and have the expertise to make the difference in court.