You Can Beat Google SERPs

You Can Beat Google SERPs

The only totally sure way to rank first in Google is to present the high level of quality content that they want to see, which needs to be, valued and trusted text & imagery.

Once you appreciate just what it is that Google desires from a top ranking website you can rank your website well in search page results and receive the large volumes of organic traffic that you are seeking.

If you continue to use obsolete search engine marketing practices you will go down in the ranks. You can rank well by supplying a high quality result that will be prized and thus get ranked well.

Google is aiming to wipe out low quality article content from their search results and have managed to successfully use various key indicators such as ‘over optimized anchor text‘, ‘excessive keyword density levels’, ‘link creation networks’, ‘link farms’ and more to eradicate web sites that have been assessed as being spam from their listings.

The search engine optimisation strategies above will only guarantee you a Google penalty and you will drop in SERPs as a consequence.

To determine where you should rank, Google assesses your Brand for metrics including trust, authority and quality.

Google is progressively using social media as a trust metric because it is time consuming and really expensive to create faux identities that look like real, active people.

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Google uses the strength of opinion of a crowd to conclude that if lots of real people like your content enough to share it with their friends then it can be trusted.

Reviews are another good sign of Brand quality. Your Brand authority is very important for your rankings.

Each search phrases’ SERPs are decided by user behaviour, quality and relevance.

Your website used to rely just on popularity (backlinks) to increase your SERP’s. Supplying just a few bad, low quality spam indicators to Google will only hurt your search results. Request an SEO website audit from and you will quickly be able to analyse your current backlink profile, highlighting any low quality links that point to your website.

For each search term, Google aims to list what it considers to be the most suitable web page.

Producing a SERPs result that:

  1. Is fast loading
  2. Has unique content
  3. Your visitors like and engage with
  4. Contains external links to valued sites and resources
  5. Is hosted on a unique IP
  6. Is unconnected to bad neighbourhoods
  7. Has a natural, link profile from trusted, related, themed resources
  8. Carries Brand value

If your web-site accomplishes these targets, while staying away from inducing any of the increasing number of Google trap doors that will see you omitted then you will climb online get ranked highly in search.

Almost any web site can appear on the front page of Google (and even in the number 1 spot) provided it includes the essential quality metrics and doesn’t pass any signs of poor quality.